Fontein is specialised in clearance of resale properties. As a result of long-time experience in clearance and preparation for sale, Fontein has developed a strong insight into optimal presentation of resale properties. This may include removing part of the furniture, but also of the entire contents, combined with stripping the floors and even renovations. We will offer advice free of charge, to ensure the perfect solution for your home.
When a house needs to be sold, for instance after the occupants have moved out, the occupant’s passing away, or in cases of intolerable living conditions, Fontein offers the perfect solution for home clearances and preparation for sale.

Prior to home clearances

When a house needs to be sold, a good way to start is decluttering, in order to enhance the home’s appeal to prospective buyers. Then, when a new owner is found, the building needs to be emptied out and undergo surface cleaning. During a first appointment, free of charge and obligations, the activities to be performed will be discussed. Perhaps we can already start with clearing out the attic and the shed, with removing part of the furniture or of wall-to-wall floor coverings in certain rooms?

As a result of extensive experience in preparing homes for resale, Fontein can advise regarding promotion of the sale. The webpage unburdening shows you which additional services are offered. They often relate to matters stipulated in a sales agreement, or to directions given by the real estate agent to ensure a speedy sale. Fontein aligns their activities seamlessly to these requirements, as will be worded in a transparent written offer. If requested, distinction can be made between tasks to be executed immediately and activities to be performed after the sale. We will further discuss what needs to be done with the household goods: does anything need to be stored or auctioned? Fontein can arrange this. Fontein can also purchase valuable items, the price of which will be deducted from the estimated cost. In all cases, a clear and transparent written offer will be made, in which all matters agreed upon will be included, so that the client can discuss this with other interested parties.

During home clearances

For the execution of the activities Fontein’s team arrives at the agreed time and date. The household goods will be sorted for destination and usability, small items will be packed, and when necessary light fixtures and window coverings are removed. Personal items that are found will be sorted separately; they will be handed over or sent to the client. Usable items will be given to charitable institutions for a second life. For clothing and household textiles this may be the Salvation Army, for furniture the local thrift-store, and old mobile phones will be donated to the CliniClowns Foundation.
When all usable items are removed, curtain rods will be taken down, wall-to-wall floor coverings will be stripped and walls and ceilings will be repaired, when necessary. Likewise, kitchen and sanitary rooms will be thoroughly cleaned, as will be the basement storage and shed, if applicable. Even a fresh coat of paint can be applied to brighten the rooms. The entire property will be checked, to guarantee a smooth key transfer to the new owner!

After home clearances

When the activities inside the property are completed, all remaining, useless, items will be carried off to a waste processor. Fontein cooperates exclusively with renowned waste processing companies; waste products are sorted to ensure optimal reduction of the amount of waste.
If so required, an inspection tour together with the client or real estate agent can be arranged. Also, when a house remains empty and for sale for a longer period, Fontein can be contacted to air and freshen up the property, inside and outside. Read more about this on our webpage unburdening. Fontein can also perform the final inspection together with the rental company/landlord, or be present during this inspection. The meter readings will be noted and keys handed over. In the absence of the client, the final inspection report will be sent by post, together with all remaining personal items and/or documents.


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