Our company

Fontein is a well-known entrepreneurial family, originating from the area of Leiden. Fontein Elektrotechniek from Leidschendam-Voorburg and Freek Fontein Makelaardij situated in The Hague, among others, have been a household name in the region for many years. Fontein Ontruimingen, also known as Fontein Woningontruiming has been founded by Jona Fontein.


“Being an independent entrepreneur suits me perfectly. To take the burden away, by offering a wide range of services, including giving a second home to household good no longer wanted, brings job satisfaction and gives me the feeling that I contribute something to society.” – Jona Fontein

How we work

Jona has many years of experience when it comes to clearing homes and removals. After meeting in person and having discussed the required activities, a quote, free of charge and obligations, will be offered. Jona is always personally involved in the execution and is the main point of contact, to ensure that a clearance or removal runs smoothly and according to agreement. We have developed the concept of unburdening ourselves, whereby not only the removal and clearance activities can be outsourced, but also all kinds of other activities and tasks, with which our clients may be confronted. And if we are not able to help you, we know someone who will.

Recycling and environmentally friendly waste disposal form an important aspect of Fontein’s management. The institutions to which we donate, have been carefully selected by us, and we work exclusively with renowned waste disposal companies. Fontein’s team consists of a group of polite and enthusiastic people with a flexible and solution-oriented attitude.
We work throughout The Netherlands, please contact us to hear all about the possibilities.
Fontein represents clear communication and aims for 100% customer satisfaction.